Want to get involved? Please visit casthope.org for more information. 

Cast Hope, a Northern California non-profit organization, is dedicated to getting kids and their mentors outside through free fly fishing adventures. The program consists of building positive mentor-mentee relationships, fly fishing skills, appreciation for the outdoors, and personal values. As an organization, Cast Hope highly values creating fun, safe, and positive environments where kids can learn, grow, and develop a true passion for the outdoors. 

Cast Hope Guided Trip

Cast Hope Partners with many different organizations in order to help underserved youth and their mentors such as: Youth 4 Change, Boys & Girls Club, Boy Scouts, CASA, Wilderness Experience, and many others. 

Cast Hope Guided Trip

Cast Hope was founded by fly fishing guides Ryan Johntson and Hogan Brown. Both had a vision to create such an organization after fishing for many years and realizing how fly fishing can foster relationships, and greatly impact lives. Cast Hope is always growing and continuing to welcome kids and mentors as part of the family. For more information on how to become involved, please visit casthope.org

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Kayla: I'm a new guide for Cast Hope, and I couldn't be any happier to be apart of such an incredible organization! As a young fly angler and guide, there is nothing greater than being able to take young kids out for a fun day on the water, and be able to connect and share your passion of fly fishing with them. I absolutely love Cast Hope because it gives youth opportunities that they most likely wouldn't have in their hometowns. 

Cast Hope Guide Kayla

This non-profit organization equips all kids and guides with proper gear for fly fishing outings such as fly rods, reels, fly lines, flies, apparel, and so much more! For Free!

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