CLearwater lodge 

At The Pit River

Now Accepting Reservations For The 2019 Season!

April 30th-November 3rd, 2019

Pit River-

The Pit offers over 30 miles of breathtaking, remote canyon water and is known for being the finest naturally-occurring wild trout fishery in California. This fishery offers miles and miles of productive pocket water and pools, making the catch rate of wild rainbows seem endless. Although wading can be difficult, the beauty of the canyon in combination with the wild trout makes it a perfect adventure for anglers. If you’re seeking a day of solitude, this is your place! Wading this river during summer months is the perfect ticket to escape the infamous NorCal heat. Fly Fishing tactics such as high-stick nymphing and stripping in streamers around boulders is how you get the job done! 

Fall River-

The Fall River is a 21 mile-long river tributary to the Pit River, located in the North-Eastern Shasta County. It’s the nations largest spring system, that creates a crystal clear wild trout habitat. This fishery is one of the best in the United States, and is quite the opportunity from an anglers perspective. This river is slow and wide, making dry fly and nymphing tactics both solid options for targeting trout. Have I mentioned there are wild trophy trout in this system? Although the entire river bank is privately owned, making public fishing access scarce, the best access is by boat. The Fall Rivers legendary hatches range from #22 Trico spinners to giant #6 Hexegenia Mayfly’s. Ginormous wild rainbows and incredible hatches equals spectacular fishing all season long. 

Hat Creek-

In 1968, Hat Creek became the West Coasts first fishery to be managed exclusively for Wild Trout. This creek is considered to be one of the most famous creeks in the West, because it represents versions of streams in England where fly fishing was born. With three miles of trophy water, the rich waters are weedy and support a highly diverse and plentiful insect population. There are 16 fishable hatches to be exact. Small flies and 6x-7x tippet is the ticket. Riffles and runs provide great nymphing opportunities for anglers. This fishery is good to fish in the mornings and evenings of the season depending on the hatch.

McCloud River-

The McCloud River is known for being Northern California’s most famous freestone fishery. As of the late 1800’s, this fishery was a source of rainbow trout stocks that are now found all over the world (In New Zealand for example). Embedded in a magnificent canyon, the McCloud River offers anglers fantastic pocket water and pools that hold big, beautiful trout. This fishery follows strict and special regulations in order to protect the ecosystem, and its population of world renown trout that can grow over 20 inches long. Typically, nymphs and streamers are the big trout meal tickets. The Nature Conservancy, which is about three miles long, follows a zero-kill rule and admits only ten rods on that stretch of water per day. The Clearwater Lodge fishes both this water and the six miles of public water just above the conservancy. The lodge also covers stretches on the upper river, located above the reservoir, where wading access is easy. 

Burney Creek-

Teddy Roosevelt once called Burney Falls one of the wonders of the world! Over 6 million gallons of water a day flow over the falls in order to support a fishery of wild rainbows mixed with the occasional browns. This is another one of Northern California’s intermountain hidden gems. The creek is located in McArthur Burney Falls State Park, and is just a couple of miles long. And let me tell you, the extraordinary beauty of the falls is not something an angler would want to miss! 

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