her waters

Lower Sacramento River-

The Lower Sacramento River, located below the Shasta Dam in Northern California, is a world renowned tailwater fishery known for its abundance of big, healthy, wild,  rainbow trout. The Lower Sac fishes year round with abundant hatches in the spring, and an incredible egg bite in the fall that attracts anglers from all over the country.


To access the most productive sections of the river I use my  Adipose Fiberglass Drift boat, organized for the comfort of any angler that chooses to join me for a great day on the water! This fishery is an absolute powerhouse, and has even been referred to as a, "trout factory". The Lower Sac is by far one of the most consistent year-round fisheries for wild trout and steelhead on the planet. Again, this river fishes 12 months out of the year!


The average trout is 15"-16", with trout over 20" to be had on some days. With the abundance of native trout and consistent hatches, the Lower Sacramento River makes for some of the best fly fishing in the world. If you have yet to experience this river, I'd love to show you!  


Feather River-

The Feather River, tailwater of Lake Oroville, is an incredible fishery with an abundance of both wild and hatchery steelhead. Every fall, football shaped Steelhead make their way into the valley and are well pursued by anglers far and wide. In addition to nymphing and  swinging with two-handed rods, casting dry flies to rising Steelhead is also a tactic that can be used depending on the season.


My favorite tactic for chasing steelhead is by spey casting soft hackles or intruder flies in riffles, buckets, and tailouts using two-handed rods. This is my passion and ultimate addiction! For many of us steelhead junkies, feeling the aggressive grab from the tip of the rod all the way down to the very end of the rod handle is the ultimate sensation in fly fishing, and is something that should be experienced by every angler! 


Although there are several walk in spots located along the banks of this river, the best way to access and cover water is by drift boat. In the Central Valley, the Feather River is home to the biggest Fall and Spring run steelhead and fishes 8 months out of the year!